The Flower Forest is in its 9th year of our custodianship, having been founded 30 years ago, and laid out by Kew trained horticulturalist Richard Coghlan.

Full of mature, towering palms, golden apples, plums and African tulips the winding branching pathways are planted with beautiful flowers and wild all kinds of everything. This year there are more flowers and garden than ever.  Hybrid varieties of torch (carefully grown from tiny seeds) are now mature in their 3rd and 4th years and are showing nicely.

At the moment the torch gingers (Etlingera) and the honey combs (Zingiber) are showing the finest mix anywhere in Barbados; both of which are commonly used as imported tropicals in temperate city flower shops. One can see how expensive-to-die-for flowers grow under cultivation in an awesome tree-filled forest.

Don’t expect the type of pristine quality you’ll find in shops…the Flower Forest doesn’t eradicate all pests and predators, nor does it spray huge quantities of pesticides. The flowers you will see are in coexistence with the fauna (all harmless to humans) in the garden. Today the jade vine is still putting out its last flowers, the third round for the year.

Bring your camera and take some flower images home to share with your friends!