Flower Forest Can Make it A Memorable Occasion.

The garden is a perfect place for quiet, serene happenings. It is perhaps a place to hold a retreat for contemplation; a place to paint, for yoga, or an important meeting. Put yourself in a different frame of mind at Flower Forest, where pressure is not an issue.

  • Maximum capacity 120 persons.
  • Great for meetings, birthdays and weddings.
  • Extraordinary unique plants, trees and beautiful views; a unique experience.
  • Catering services available.


The heart of the garden is one of the most romantic places in Barbados. The gazebo has witnessed proposals, small weddings; and the lookout over the East Coast is ideal for wedding photographs. The pavilion and its open air deck are both perfect for larger ceremonies and meals.

Corporate, Schools and Churches.

The serenity and peace of Flower Forest is perfect for worshippers, the garden is a wonderful place for school outings where students get outdoors and learn about the geology, the flora and the fauna of Barbados. The pavilion is an interesting alternative spot to hotels and conference centres: for book launches, small corporate events, birthday parties and more. All these events can come with (or without) tours of the garden.

Wedding photographs copyright Sara Monika, Photographer