Welcome to Flower Forest


Located at Richmond Plantation, about 850 feet (270 metres) above sea level near the western edge of the Scotland District, is the one of the most breathtaking areas of Barbados. The views from the garden over the hills are fantastic photo-opportunities; the forest towering and lush; the pathways lined with flowering plants; the tone quiet, peaceful and serene.


Richmond was a sugar cane Plantation in its early days of Barbados agricultural history. Although spectacularly beautiful, it was not a model sugar producer. Driven by the brawn of Don Hill, Flower Forest opened for business in December 1983 after two years of layout by Richard Coghlan from Kew Gardens. A group of garden enthusiasts contributed designs and cash for shares. In 1990 and a new, larger pavilion was built, conserving the old boiling house with its giant copper boilers in situ, and the old bamboo patch out back. The new pavilion was/is spacious and contains both indoor and outdoor decks for dining, and occasionally for get togethers. New deck with a view 2015, handicap accessible including bathrooms, newly renovated kitchen 2017, and a rejuvenated garden and facility since 2009.

Opening Hours

Flower Forest is open 8am to 4pm 7 days a week, closed only Christmas Day and Good Friday. Please come tour our peaceful garden. It’s the largest in Barbados, has flat main pathway, but many branching side paths. We are working to make it more beautiful every day and all proceeds go back into the garden and facility to build it better as the years go by. Flower Forest is a very romantic place where one might even want to get married, and this is possible. Please contact us with any questions about how Flower Forest can fit in with your special planned event, or happening.

Gift Shop

Our gift shop carries only locally made items, made by talented Bajan hands. We have a variety of beautiful pieces from the famous Earthworks Pottery, hand carved mahogany, food and lots more. You can indulge your tastebuds with our locally made frozen ice lollies (Tamarind, Gooseberry, Bajan Cherry, Coffee, Carrot, Coconut ), and take home Bajan chutneys, pepper sauces in varying strengths, or taste locally made sweets, like guava cheese or tamarind balls. It’s 100% Bajan-made!

A Little Note

We find that many visitors spend about 45 minutes in the garden.
Others spend the whole day exploring all the paths.
There are many benches and seats spread throughout the Forest,
on and off the trails.
You may walk or sit on the grass if that is your pleasure.
If you stay on the main trail, you will see most of what the forest has to offer,
but the alternative paths and cul-de-sacs all have little extras.
Wheelchair users should follow the brown path of the map.