Flower Forest Botanical Gardens
Open Daily
8am to 4pm
Flower Forest Botanical Gardens, Barbados
Open Daily 8am to 4pm

Gift Shop

Our gift shop carries only locally made items, crafted by talented Bajan hands

We have a variety of beautiful pieces from the famous Earthworks Pottery, hand carved mahogany, food, straw works, and lots more. 

You can indulge your taste buds with our locally made frozen ice lollies (Tamarind, Gooseberry, Bajan Cherry, Coffee, Carrot, Coconut), and take home Bajan chutneys, pepper sauces in varying strengths, or taste locally made sweets such as guava cheese or tamarind balls. 

It’s all 100% Bajan-made!

Be sure to also visit our online store for a wide variety of products featuring images of Flower Forest. This includes artwork, clothing, stationery, mouse pads, phone cases, and more!

Gift Shop at Flower Forest Botanical Gardens